Saturday, August 11, 2012

Atlantic Blob and Atlantic Blobette

Things are apparently calming right down in the tropical Atlantic, which makes a nice change from most weekends. Unfortunately Mother Nature has still had a busy day of disasters with two strong earthquakes in Iran today. Blah. Maybe she can take the day off tomorrow to watch the Olympic closing ceremonies. 

Tropical Depression 7 was officially demoted to a Blob again (known as a tropical wave if you really want to be technically correct) in the 11am NHC advisory. It has been 'shucking' it down (that still makes me chuckle) over the southern & middle Lesser Antilles all day and it looks like the rain will continue until tomorrow. The NHC currently give him a 10% chance of developing into a Tropical Storm in the next couple of days. He is moving westward at 20mph.  He is fairly weak, but personally I would have left him as a Tropical Depression for now. The convection is still good however, more importantly, it looks like the circulation has slowly improved since yesterday and is now good in the lower half of the troposphere. There is some strong wind shear ahead of him which will hopefully knock the steam out of him completely (puns always intended), but I'll continue to send updates until I think he is really calling it quits.  

The Atlantic Blobette also officially has a 10% chance of developing and is moving WNW at 20mph. She is around 18N, 31W. There is some circulation in the lower half of the troposphere, but there is no convection because she is firmly entrenched in the dry Saharan Air Layer. I agree with the NHC call on this Blobette and this will be my last update on her unless she gets some new heels (TS Helene will have to wait! :-)).

Not surprisingly, our old friend, Tropical Storm Ernesto, is running around the eastern Pacific singing "I'm not dead yet, I can do the Highland Fling" (Spamalot) and has been upgraded to Tropical Depression 8 in the Pacific.

It is Saturday evening. I must go. I have important things to do that may or may not or may involve drinking yummy lychee-champagne cocktails. Five fruit servings a day, right? ;-)


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