Sunday, August 12, 2012

Caribbean Blob, Atlantic Blobette, and the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics: August 12, Update A

I am watching the Olympics Closing Ceremony. What a concert! What a party!!

Just a quick update on the blob in the Caribbean. Here is a satellite image of the Atlantic:

The Caribbean Blob is at around 15N, 67W and the Atlantic Blobette is at around 23N, 40W. Spot the difference! Apparently they are both, essentially, identical in that they both have a 10% chance of developing in the next couple of days according to the NHC. (Nice tribute to John Lennon)

As I said yesterday, I agree with the 10% assessment regarding the Atlantic blobette,  but the Caribbean blob has some decent convection and stronger circulation in the lower half of the troposphere. He is in a region of relatively high wind shear which may scupper his plans, but he is heading to the very warm deep waters of the Caribbean where water temperatures are over 26 deg C in the upper 100-125m. I wouldn’t really say their chances of developing were equal. (woohoo… Annie Lennox!)

Here’s a brief weather report I received from Tom on St. Thomas earlier today: “has stayed windy here all night last night and increased in strength all day rain from this system yet but hoping for tonight or tomorrow”

Not sure this one will bring much rain to that corner of the Caribbean.

(Spice Girls reunion! uh-oh… hmm… actually quite liked it. Oh dear, is this bad? Does it mean I lose some geek cred? Though I’m not sure how they can stand up in those heels, let alone dance around and climb on Taxis!)

I’ll be back tomorrow because this little Caribbean Blob still has sparks of life which that wind shear hasn’t quite eliminated yet. (Speaking of life, the remains of Ernesto are now Tropical Storm Hector in the eastern Pacific.)

You can log off now if you want to hear about storms… it’s all about the Olympics now. J

I must say it’s been a wonderful two weeks of Olympics. It was a nice change to have so many good news items like new sporting records, seeing athletes who are heroes from countries around the world etc. Just call me an optimist, but the world could do with more good news items! So congratulations to all you Olympian athletes who did a great job competing, medal or no medal. And well done Great Britain, nice job with the Olympics – from opening ceremony to closing. I’m so proud! J

What timing! Eric Idle just started singing “Always look on the bright side of life”. Precisely! (even Prince Harry is singing. Haha. Nice.)  Ooh… now Freddie Mercury (from a concert recording) and fellow Queen band-members Roger Taylor and Brian May, PhD (in Astrophysics from Imperial College, London).

Ok, officially the flag has been handed over to Rio. Time for me to log off (and watch the rest). Enjoy!!

Tally ho and toodle-pip!

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