Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Extratropical Storm Sandy: October 30, Update A

The remains of the-storm-formerly-known-as-Sandy are centered around a location ENE of Pittsburg in Pennsylvania. She has winds of 40mph, and is moving NW at around 8 mph, heading for north/western New York and then up to Canada. Central pressure is 992mb.

I have assorted personal reports and photos of flooding, trees falling on houses, cars submerged, and even a video of a transformer exploding (thanks to Joe in Long Island). Sameer, our on-the-ground reporter in New York yesterday, managed to get out of Manhattan today after walking down 21 flights of stairs with his family, including a toddler and a 3 week old. I’m sure you have all heard in the news. Almost 60 died from Sandy in the Caribbean, another 40 so far in the US. This will be the last time we have a storm named Sandy, I’m pretty sure about that!

Some images to more-or-less wrap this one up…

From North Carolina… the final images of the Bounty taken by the USCG. Aww.

From North Carolina… inland… snow (thanks to Andrea A. near Ashville). Brrr.

From Ocean City, New Jersey (credit unknown). Smirk.

And also in the news today, in case you want a small break from Sandy stuff…Disney announced it was buying Lucasfilms…

I’ll probably write my last entry on Sandy tomorrow.

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