Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tropical Storm Danny: August 19, Update A

Just enough time to squeeze in a quick update before my next flight! :-)

I see Tropical Storm Danny-boy is churning away out there...He is currently at around 12N, 42W, with a central pressure of 1000mb and winds of 5ph:

He is currently at around 12N, 42W, with a central pressure of 1000mb and winds of 50mph.

First, his circulation... there is still a good vorticity signal in the lower half of the troposphere, with a small signal in the upper troposphere. This means that the storm still has pretty good circulation. 

Second, his convection... he is skirting the southern edge of that Saharan Air Layer I mentioned yesterday (the red and yellow area in the map below): 

which means that he is running into dry, dusty air and so his convection is still not as strong as it would have been otherwise for a storm with his circulation... BUT, sea surface water temperatures are over 27 deg C, with the upper 50-75m warmer than 26 deg C, so he does have enough from the ocean to sustain him. 

Second, in addition to the SAL, he is also bumping into a that high pressure I mentioned yesterday. This is why he has slowed and is now moving at 10mph (generally WNW). This means that the track is a little harder for me to predict, but the NHC has been generally good at the track from 1-2 days out last year, so I will go with this (for the next couple of days) - for the track part only, not the intensity!:

I would say that everyone, including the folks in Bermuda should keep an eye on Danny. I think there is a chance that he will move north of this track by Sat/Sun - but it depends on how that high pressure acts. 

That's the basics. Must run!
Ciao for now,

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