Sunday, October 01, 2017

Ex-Tropical Storms Lee and Maria: September 30, update A

This is going to be the shortest update for ages! We can all have the weekend off from tropical storms and, er, watch volcanic eruptions instead (Mexico, Indonesia, Japan, Vanuatu).

Both Ex-Tropical Storms Lee and Maria are pretty much done and dusted:
Lee has reached the UK and France (he’s the broad blue splodge of clouds and rain covering those countries). He has winds of around 40-45mph, so it will be a bit ‘breezy’. Maria is still on her way to that part of the world and is currently somewhere around 42N, 43W (that yellowish splodge) heading ENE at 32mph. Winds are 50mph.

They didn’t really interact so Friday and Saturday were not as interesting in the Atlantic after all. But that’s ok… I think we’ve all had more than enough ‘interesting’ for this year!

Harvey made landfall in Texas on 25th August, ~5 weeks ago. As the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico continue on their recovery, the initial numbers show that over 200 people lost their lives and the cost of these three storms alone will exceed $200bn. In FIVE weeks! 

We are 2/3 of the way through the hurricane season, but that's a wrap for September. 

I look forward to the day when I have heard from all of the ~100 or so people I know across the islands that have taken the biggest hits… I really hope you are doing ok.

I’ll be back for the next named storm, Nate, if he turns up. Ophelia is after that.
Toodle pip!

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