Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Post-Topical Storm Ophelia: October 17, Update A

Ophelia, reached Ireland as a post-tropical storm (no longer a hurricane) and brought some wet and windy weather to Ireland and the British Isles, but she did take a good hit at Ireland and Northern Ireland, with three dead, and 245,000 without power today – their worst storm for 50 years.

Here’s a satellite image from Met Eireann from yesterday, showing her over Scotland:
In the UK (primarily Scotland and northern England) there are also some downed trees, traffic lights and such things that strong winds bring. But generally, this is pretty much the tail end of Ophelia. There’s just a bit of the system left over northern Scotland and then she goes off to northern parts.

Exactly 30 years ago almost to the day, those of us in the UK at the time may remember the 'Great Storm of 1987' (which definitely does sound more dramatic that 'Storm Ophelia')… a post-hurricane that hit southern England (overnight on the 15-16 October, 1997). In addition to the damage and deaths that caused (13), the most famous thing about the Great Storm of ‘87 is that the night before, TV weather reporter, Michael Fish, said we would not be hit by a hurricane. Oopsies. I must say, weather forecasting has definitely improved!

That’s it for Ophelia. If there is another one, he will be Philippe… ooh la la. I’ll be back then. Time for a cuppa tea and a lovely early-season Mince Pie. :-) 

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