Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hurricane Gordon and TS Helene: September 14, Update A

Hurricane Gordon:

He's still a big storm... there's been no change in the intensity since
this morning, although he will soon be over waters of 26 degcs C. There
is some wind shear as I said earlier, and which is keeping this storm
from growing any further. He is maintaining his status quo despite the
slightly cooler waters and wind shear because of other atmospheric
dynamics, because it's not the ocean. Actually, if it wasn't for the
wind shear and cooler temps, the other atmospheric conditions are ripe
for this storm to intensify further. He's still a good looking storm,
despite the shear. I'm attaching a photo so you can see the shear -
there are more clouds in the north-east quadrant. The shear is from the

TS Helene:

Her forward sprint (22mph) has slowed down to a more respectable fast
jog of 16mph (o.k. so I'm not a runner... I guess that's more of a
really really fast jog!). Winds speeds are at 45mph (TS: 39-73mph), so
still not a very strong TS. But don't you worry, that will change and
she will grow. She's in an area of low(ish) wind shear, warm 28 degs C
water, and the center of this storm is not being exposed to dry air. She
is moving in a west-northwest motion, but I'm still going to wait a
couple of days before I have full confidence that she won't affect the

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