Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hurricane Omar: October 16 Update A

Quick update: Omar's eye has just passed clearly east of St. Croix and
looks like it won't hit any of the islands as it is now moving west of the
northern leeward islands. This is the best scenario we could have hoped
for with the strongest winds avoiding land. The VIs remain on the western
side of the storm. The NHC upgraded him to a weak Cat 3 (range: 111-130
mph) in the 11pm advisory, with winds of 115 mph and a central pressure of
967mb. Hurricane force winds of 74 mph or higher extend out 35 miles from
the center. Convection is still strong. He's zooming along in a NE
direction at 20mph now and will be in the Atlantic in about 2-3 hours.

Until tomorrow (or rather later today)... really this time.

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