Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tropical Storm Marco: October 7 Update A

Blink and you'll miss him. I know size isn't everything, but boy is he
small! Even the NHC took an alliterative turn yesterday and called him
Miniature Marco. They estimate tropical storm force winds extend out a
maximum whopping 15 miles from his center (if that).

There's very little circulation and not much in the way of strong
thunderstorm activity, making him more of a blob right now than a
tropical storm. I'm not even sure that Mexico will get much rain from
this system, even though he just made landfall and his center is inland
at 19.9N, 96.6W. The NHC currently have the wind speed at 65mph (998mb
central pressure), so according to them he is a mid-intensity TS (TS
range: 39-73 mph), but I think that's an overestimate. I don't see winds
higher than 50 mph. He's moving W at 8mph over land and will continue to
weaken as he goes.

Not much more to say about Marco really. He had a short innings and
tried to put up a good show. Speaking of innings and shows (*very*
subtle segue way huh? ;) )... "Go Rays" (I have to say that otherwise
I'll get thrown out of St. Pete, and besides, their stadium is a 10 min
bike ride from here).

As he's over land, this is my last entry on cute little Marco.

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