Friday, October 17, 2008

TS Omar: October 17 Update A

Our friend Omar is still holding on as a tropical storm. Earlier today
the NHC said he had intensified and had winds of 70mph (TS: 39-73mph),
central pressure 987mb, but in the last few hours it looks like he's
fallen apart again. There are light clouds but no rainfall anywhere near
his center, and very little rain elsewhere in the system. He still has
good circulation so it's easy to see his center on a satellite image,
which is currently located at about 30.5N, 54W. Water temperatures
underneath are much cooler now, around 25-26 deg C, and there is
considerable southwesterly wind shear (from the southwest), so I don't
see him intensifying up to a hurricane really. He's moving NE at
35mph. All is well.

If he does something wonky like... er... making a u-turn, I'll send out
another update. Otherwise I might not bother tomorrow. It's the weekend.
I have wine to drink. And music to listen to - free Florida Orchestra
Concert in the Park in St. Pete for those of you who aren't watching the
Tampa Rays vs. Boston Red Sox. Game. Oh, and of course... Go Rays! (I do
like their beautiful dark blue colors :)).

Toodle-oo :)

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