Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Extratropical Storm Leslie, Tropical Depression Michael, and Tropical Storm Nadine: September 11, Update A

The humans have been saved, the blancmanges have been beaten! (Monty Python) Andy Murray won the US Open! ;-) Hurray!

Extratropical Storm/Post-tropical cyclone Leslie
She got up to Canada, caused some havoc, and has now moved on. She was last seen at 49.4N, 53.6W, and although she still officially had winds of 70mph (central pressure 968mb!) and was heading NNW at 45mph, the NHC stopped issuing advisories. Their map probably doesn’t go beyond 50N. ;-) Actually, she really wasn’t a Tropical Storm at that point but was, instead, caught up in that low front and was an extratropical storm, which is why she was moving so quickly. This is my last entry on Leslie… two weeks later! Phew.

Tropical Depression Michael
He was downgraded to a Tropical Storm last night, and has steadily been declining today. He’s now a Tropical Depression at  41.4N, 45.8W, heading NNE at 31mph (he’s also getting caught up in a low pressure front). In the last advisory winds were 40mph, central pressure 1000mb. That was the last word the NHC had to say about Michael and it will also be my last on him.  My, we are doing well! Surely it must be time for a Ferrero Roche! ;-) (Little Britain).

Tropical Storm Nadine
Our Atlantic Blobette has blossomed into Tropical Storm Nadine. Her circulation improved today, and she’s put on a lovely yellow and red sundress, as you can see in this satellite image:

She definitely picked up some convection and has thundery weather in there today! She close to 18N, 45.5W, heading WNW at 15mph. Officially winds are estimated to be 40mph (central pressure 1004mb), so she’s barely a Tropical Storm (range: 39-73mph). Given her circulation and convection, I think she’s stronger than this - maybe in the 60-65mph range actually. She’ll continue WNW for now, although she may slow down a little tomorrow – tricky to tell that part.

Time for a bit of cheese. More tomorrow!

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