Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tropical Storm Nadine: September 18, Update A

I have found an exercise that I think is important to share with you because it is good for the heart. It’s easiest to show the steps you need to take in pictures:

Thanks to Karen M. for telling me about this one. J

Tropical Storm Nadine is weakening nicely, with winds now at 50mph, central pressure 993mb. This seems about right to me. Circulation is good in the lower half of the troposphere. There is very little convection, and what there is remains mostly in the northern half. She looks like a half-eaten biscuit (that’s cookie if you are in the US). This satellite image shows that there are very few clouds left in the southern half anymore:

You can see the Azores in the top right corner of the image… it be a bit drizzly over there. She’s heading straight for the islands, and isn’t really following the crazy squiggly pattern the NHC think she’ll be taking. Officially she’s at 35.8N, 32.3W, heading NNE at 7mph. I think her center actually at around 36N, 31W. But it is night, so it’s difficult to see her center.

Not much else to say really. I hope the Azores have at least one umbrella… I’m sure they have sun-shades at least. Best get on with those aerobics now…


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