Friday, September 08, 2017

Hurricane Irma: September 8, Update B

I know I’m a few time zones behind so this is a very quick update for now (whilst my very supportive (and poorly – sneeze, sneeze, cough, cough) hubby makes dinner!)

Hurricane Irma
She is a cat 5 storm now with winds of 160mph, central pressure 924mb. They just upgraded her after a plane went in to get fresh data.

She has started to move more westward and is now moving due W at 12mph and is currently at 22.1N, 77.7W. Her eye is making landfall in Cuba:

2.     She takes a slightly more westward track for the next 1-1.5 days: In this case, she will get closer to Cuba, and may even make landfall for a short while (quite bad for Cuba). If this happens, her intensity will definitely take a hit and she will most likely be a cat 3 or 4 as she emerges - depending on how long she is over Cuba. 

I don’t know yet if she will get to scenario 3 or not – it depends on how long she will be over Cuba. Regardless, I hope to see some decrease in her intensity as a result. Sorry Cuba! I know they evacuated the north coast ahead of this storm.

With her westward movement, the overall track has of course shifted to the west:

For those of you in Florida, there is a very good possibility she be making landfall on the west coast. She is not near that front yet though:

Dinner ready… I’ll be back soon with more!


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