Monday, November 16, 2020

Hurricane Iota: November 16, Update A

Definitely a double lychee martini night! 

Hurricane Iota officially made landfall as a borderline cat 4/cat 5 storm with winds of 155mph near the town of Haulover, about 30 miles south of Puerto Cabezas and just 15 miles from where Hurricane Eta landed only 13 days ago as a cat 4 storm! 

Although this was officially a cat 4 storm with winds of 155mph (central pressure 920mb) after the entire eye had made at landfall (cat 4 range: 130-156mph), it was actually a cat 5 when the western eyewall made landfall about 3-4 hours earlier with winds of 160mph, central pressure was 918mb (cat 5 range >156mph). 

The storm has already started to weaken - we can see that the eye is smaller and the convection (which is still strong enough to spawn tornadoes) is weaker than a few hours ago.  

It is now at 13.6N, 83.4W, heading W at 9mph.

It will remain a hurricane as it crosses Nicaragua, becoming a Tropical Storm as it gets closer to Honduras tomorrow evening. We won't know the full extent of the damage, but I will stop by tomorrow with an update. What an awful mess this is going to be though! 



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