Monday, October 29, 2007

[Jyo_hurricane] TS Noel: October 29, Update A

Good morning,

TS Noel has deteriorated even further since yesterday and now has winds
of about 45mph (TS: 39-73 mph), so he is a fairly weak system. It looks
like most of Haiti is going to get away with only a little rain as most
of the really heavy precipitation is continuing over the Dominican
Republic. Of the two sides of Hispaniola this is probably a good thing
because of the greater potential for mudslides in Haiti.

The center of Noel is about to pass over Haiti - the convection is still
to the east of where the NHC thinks the center of circulation is.
Actually, looking at the satellite images it is difficult to pinpoint an
exact center. He is moving north-northwestward at about 6mph, and will
be crossing into the Atlantic/Bahamas in the next 24 hours. I agree with
the official forecasts that have him staying in the Atlantic, east of

More later... have a lovely day. :)

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