Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ex-Hurricane Rafael: October 17, Update A

Not much time tonight, but luckily Rafael is no longer really a tropical storm and the NHC posted their last entry on him earlier this afternoon. Hurray!

The last ground-level sighting I have of him was from Bermuda. This photo, taken by Royden (thanks Royden!), was looking northeast at around 8am this morning:

They can see clearly now the rain has gone! (that’s an original phrase, isn’t it? Someone should set it to music sometime.)

And Terrance, also from Bermuda, sent a note this morning: “No high winds to speak of and only scattered shower. We did receive significant and consistent rain last night and early this morning, with the highest winds taking place during that same time frame. Just poked my head out the door and it’s a very pleasant day at the moment; the sun is out with clear skies and a soft breeze. Rain is always welcomed because we depend on it for our drinking water.” (thanks Terrance!).

As I said in my last update, I think he’s a lot weaker and certainly did not have the structure of a tropical storm yesterday. He’s around 42.5N, 52.4W, heading NE at 35mph, which means he is well and truly an extra-tropical storm. Not much convection, and the circulation is tied to a front.

So that was Rafael. This is my last entry on him as well. J

Nap time! Zzzzzz ;-)

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