Friday, October 05, 2012

Tropical Storm Oscar: October 5, Update A

This is the bestest tropical storm update I’ve had for weeks and weeks …. There aren’t any! J

Tropical Storm Oscar came and went (much faster than most Oscar ceremonies). Fame is so fleeting isn’t it? The NHC had their last advisory at 11am, when he officially had winds of 40mph, central pressure 1000mb. He was last seen at 24.1N, 37.1W, heading NE at 17mph. No circulation, no convection. This is my last entry on TS Oscar.

We have until the end of November before the end of the season, but I’ll be back before then if there is anything else. In the meantime, a non sequitur: apparently flying a spaceship is even better than playing golf. (Amazing what one learns from educational television shows like Dr. Who ;-)).

Tally ho!

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