Thursday, October 04, 2012

Tropical Depression Nadine and Tropical Storm Oscar: October 4, Update A

Gosh, you guys are a bunch of geeks! (says the pot to the kettle ;-) )… apparently more people watched ‘The Prisoner’ in the US than I would have guessed! :-) (and one or two of you even have the pottery – me too!).

Tropical Depression Nadine
Nadine has essentially already vanished. She wasn’t much yesterday as you know, and the NHC downgraded her to a TD earlier today.  Since then they issued their last advisory on her, a mere 88 advisories since the first. Altogether now… phew!! The last NHC note said she was at 40N, 26.7W heading NNE at a rapid 24mph. Winds were 45mph, central pressure 998mb, so she was officially still a TS according to the winds but she wasn’t really tropical anymore. The first NHC advisory was 24 days ago, on Sept. 11. I started to write about her as an Atlantic Blobette on Sept. 9, 26 days ago. Not quite the record-holder, but definitely up there!  This is my last entry on Nadine. Time to celebrate in the customary manner… wine. And maybe a dollop of ice cream. ;-)

Tropical Storm Oscar
We have an Oscar! ;-) He was named late last night and currently has winds of 45mph, central pressure 1000mb. This makes him a fairly weak Tropical Storm (range: 39-73mph). Officially he is at 21.3N, 41W heading NE at 12mph. I agree with the location but I think he is moving a little more NNE-ward and a slower than 12mph at the moment. Although he looks good on an infrared satellite image (below), there isn’t much substance there because of strong wind shear.

The center of circulation is actually about 2 degrees west of the main convection! The wind shear may subside for a short time, in which case he’ll have some room to get stronger, but at the moment it looks like that won’t last for long.

I’d like to wrap up by making a profound statement: The future is almost here! Ta-da! Amazing revelation, hey? Aren’t you impressed? ;-) Well apparently we have teleportation (as well as the possibility of warp drive – hey, “Star Trek is almost here!”). Thanks to Alistair in New Jersey for this: “Thought you'd like to know that teleportation is already here, just not the sort you can go on holoday with:”.  One day, one day! J

Time to celebrate no-more Nadine.

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