Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Hurricane Zeta: October 26, Update A

Today NASA confirmed evidence of hidden water on the Moon and we confirmed evidence of a hidden new landform in the water. ;-) 


Hurricane Zeta made landfall just 15 km north of Tulum in the Yucatan at just after 11pm tonight as a cat 1 storm with winds of 80mph, central pressure of 977mb. It's currently at 20.2N, 87.1W, heading NW at 13mph.

It'll be in the Gulf of Mexico in about 12 hours or so, but the NHC think that land interaction will be enough to make it a Tropical Storm. I think it may stay as a hurricane as it crosses, but regardless, I agree with them in that it will be a hurricane in the Gulf. Convection is pretty good so it is dumping a lot of rain over the peninsula.  

The Gulf is quite a bit cooler now than it was a few weeks ago, so it's unlikely that this will be a strong hurricane and the water right along the northern coast is now cooler than 26 deg C. At the moment there looks like there is some pretty good wind shear over the northern half of the Gulf as well and if that continues, it will keep this storm in check. 

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