Wednesday, August 15, 2007

[Jyo_hurricane] TS Erin & TS Dean: August 15, Update B

TS Erin:
TD 5 was upgraded this morning and has maximum sustained winds near
40mph (~35 knots) (TS: 39-73 mph, 34-63 kt) with higher gusts. A
hurricane plane went into the system this morning and found the center
of circulation - most of the convection is to the north and east of this
center, and some of the early bands are already over land. It is not
very well organized, and will remain a relatively small tropical storm.
There's really not much more to add about this that I didn't say this
earlier. At landfall it is forecast to have ~50 mph (~45kt) winds - it
is unlikely to be more than that. It will bring rain however and should
make landfall in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Unless there is a
major change, this will be my last entry on this system unless someone
asks for more information.

TS Dean:
I'm going to wait for a bit before sending out an update on this system.
I'll have more to say about it then... after I've boarded up my windows.


These remarks are just what I think/see regarding tropical storms - not
the opinion of any organization I represent. If you are making an
evacuation decision, please heed your local emergency management and the
National Hurricane Center's official forecast and the National Weather
Service announcements. This is not an official forecast.

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