Monday, August 09, 2010

Atlantic Blobette and Gulf of Mexico Blob: August 9, Update A

Atlantic Blobette:
Not too much to report since yesterday really. There is still some low level circulation, which you can clearly see for yourselves in the visible satellite images. I wrote about how to access those a couple of days ago - drop me a line if you didn't remember every word I wrote (and why don't you??? ;-) ) or you can't be bothered to look at previous entries (me neither). It's somewhere around 24N, 50W and moving WNW at 10-15 mph, but convection is really low - I think there's maybe 4-5 rain drops in there somewhere. It's surrounded by dry air (dust).
Gulf of Mexico Blob:
This blob was the strong convection over Florida, the Bahamas and Cuba yesterday. There's a tad bit of circulation in this system at the moment, centered somewhere over the SW Florida coast (near Naples/Ft. Myers I'm guessing), but there's no convection at that location.  The convection extends in a curved line from the northern Gulf coast down towards Cuba and then around and back up to the Bahamas (Florida has her shields set to 80% apparently). It seems unlikely that this will develop into a full blown tropical storm given that it's so close to assorted land masses, but southern Florida is a little umm... different... from other land masses. ;-)
Let's see... ah yes, another very important point I must address. I got a comment doubting Billy Crystal's presence in The Princess Bride. Wielding my super-magical powers (cough...Google...cough), I think he is there as Miracle Max. That was the funny little guy with a wife, and they lived in a tree or something and something then something else... anyway, he's in there, but just wearing a lot of make-up so he's easy to miss. ;-)
That's all for now.
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