Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tropical Depression 5: August 11, Update B

Hee hee... I am computer-less for a day and the tropical depression dissipates. I love it. That's how they should all behave - wouldn't that be great? I'd be on holiday all the time in that case! ;-)
Tropical Depression 5, the Gulf of Mexico Blob, never really got it's act together and remained a big blobby mess. There was (and still is) some convection, as people various states around the Gulf experienced today (and will continue to tonight and tomorrow), but the area of circulation (vorticity) remained too diffuse to be a storm so I'm really pleased that it's been downgraded back to a Low. Water levels are still higher than normal along the coast - like 2ft above normal at Cedar Key and 1ft above normal at Pensacola and Dauphin Island. The NHC issued their last advisory on this at 4pm CDT (5pm EST), with a nominal central location of 28.3N, 87.6W, central pressure of 1009mb, moving NW at 12mph with winds of 30mph.
No more to say on this one folks and all else looks quiet for now. Yay!
Until the next one (umm... i think Sept. 9 seems like a good day for that, don't you?)... be good! ;-)
Toodle pippy!

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