Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Northern Gulf Blob formerly known as TD5: August 17, Update A

The "center of circulation" of this not-a-Tropical-Depression-blob made "landfall" in the Louisiana/Mississippi area earlier today. As it moved over land, just like any other not-a-Tropical-Depression-blob it lost some of the associated convection, but the circulation remained strong. However, in the last few hours convective activity has increased again and the circulation is still strong in the lowest half of the troposphere. The NHC have removed this as anything of interest, which is fine as this not-a-Tropical-Depression-blob is now inland. I'll still keep an eye on it until the vorticity (circulation) dies down. But this will be my last entry on this unless it makes yet another come-back - maybe off the US east coast or something, just for a change of scenery. ;-)
I think I have a backlog of things to chat about (thanks to assorted conversations), so I'll probably be writing bits between all these storms. Upcoming blurbs will include things like "Oh my, what a busy Hurricane Season we're having!", "A talk about boys...er I mean buoys", and er... I forgot the third topic already, so you might have just lucked out. ;-)
That's all for today though.
Night night and tally ho! ;-)
p.s.... I just remembered the third thing: "Gone Out with the Wind: A story about outflow, convergence and divergence in tropical storms". You guys are in for so much fun! (bwaa haa haa - yes, that is my evil laugh she says, rubbing her hands together in glee).
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