Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Tropical Storm Formerly Known As Colin: August 3, Update A

Blink and you missed it! Tropical Storm Colin is now ex-Tropical Storm Colin. I had all these Colin jokes planned... oh well, I'll have to save them for next time (in 6 years when the name comes round again). :-) 
I don't know why they bothered giving him a name because he didn't really look like a tropical storm for much more than two minutes. He remained a dinky little thing for the duration. Too much dry air and dust just didn't let that convection get beyond a certain point, despite the high sea surface temperatures and weak wind shear. We've had more severe daily thunderstorms! There was some circulation, but it remained confined to the lower part of the troposphere and was already weakening when they declared him a named storm. The forecast track was, indeed, moved southward as I thought it might be in my last update because he was on a more westward trajectory. Now he's back to being a Tropical Depression and what a waste of a named storm! This one shouldn't really count when they do the tally at the end of the year! (mumble grumble).
"He" is currently at about 15.8N, 53.8W, moving WNW at a rapid 35mph (meaning he's not a tropical storm at all, but part of a low frontal system). Central pressure is estimated to be around 1006mb. The winds are still just about tropical storm force at 40 mph (TS lower limit is 39mph), but that's just an estimate based on remote satellite data. Circulation is still weakening.
This is my last entry on this blob, unless he decides to try again for that reality thingy. Next name is Danielle. Ooh... one of my favourite movies has a character called Danielle. :-)
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