Thursday, September 03, 2020

Hurricane Nana: September 2, Update A

It was a terribly busy sort of day and it's not even a Thursday! 

Hurricane Nana is at 17N, 87.5W, heading W at 16mph and is scheduled to make landfall in Belize tonight...

The track has shifted a little to the south as she stayed on the southern edge of the cone. That will continue and I think landfall will be very close to the southern edge of Belize/Guatemala area. 

Winds are 75mph, central pressure is 994mb, so she's only just a cat 1 storm (cat 1 range: 74-95mph). The vorticity (circulation) is quite robust in the lower half of the troposphere and is actually centered on Honduras as you can see from the mid-level vorticity map here: 

There isn't any upper level vorticity immediately overhead but there is some over the Caribbean, not too far off, which suggests a very weak structure - more of a Tropical Storm than hurricane. 

As expected, Honduras got a little soaked today. Overall, I agree with the NHC that she'll weaken quite quickly once she gets onto land - we can already begin to see that in the satellite imagery. 

That's all for today. Time for a nice nap... 

Toodle pip!


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