Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Atlantic Blob: August 25 Update A

The blob from yesterday is still a blob, currently NE of the Caribbean and
still moving WNW. The main convection skirted the islands I think. Today
Circulation improved in the lower section of the troposphere (send me a
note if you don't know or recall what that is), and I believe a plane is
in the system investigating it this afternoon. Doesn't look like a
Tropical Storm to me yet, but it does have some strong thunderstorms with
"trash moving gully washer" rain. ;) (that's Texan for heavy rain. Thanks
ES for letting me know about that!). I expect it to be a Tropical
Depression soon. The WNW motion will continue, so the Bahamian beach-going
tourists may be out of luck again.

Tomorrow I'll talk about Bill as well as any Blob developments.

ps...disclaimer blah blah blah....

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