Monday, August 24, 2009

Blob Bill and another Blob: August 24 Update A

Aaaagh... I just deleted my update. Bother. Well... To sum up this rather
blobby update then.

Bill is heading this way, as a blob with winds in the tropical storm arena
(39-73 mph). I'll write more on him when he gets here, probably on weds.

There's another blob out there, currently lurking menacingly just east of
the leeward islands. It's been moving steadily WNW for a day or so, and
convection really blossomed along with circulation during the day today.
The infrared satellite imagery shows some clouds as 'red', meaning the
strong thundery sort of weather. It'll contine WNW for a while, bringing
rain and thunder to the VIs, PR, Hispaniola etc. Development depends on
how much it interacts with the larger islands. More tommorrow on "The Blob
vs. The Islands". Should it get past 'Go' and past the Tropical Depression
stage, the next name is Danny.

Until the morrow,

Disclaimer: see yesterday.

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