Thursday, August 13, 2009

TD 2 and blobs: August 13 Update A

Isn't it nice to turn one's back on something for a day or so and come
back to find that things have improved? :)

Not much internet time today, and ditto for tomorrow, so v. quick update.

TD 2 remains a tropical depression centered somewhere around 14.9N, 38W.
Hurray hurray... no named storms yet! That dry air was just too much for
this little blobette. Although there is good circulation, at the moment
there is very little convection. I'm still watching it though. What's the
smiley for 'keeping my eyes on you'?

On the other hand if you are in the Bahamas and expecting to sunbathe on
the beach, think again. It looks like massive convection has blossomed
there in the last few hours. However, there is very little circulation. So
we'll just leave this one as a blob.

And the last blob is something that emerged from Africa yesterday and
looked promising. But like TD2, the convection has diminshed quite a bit
in the last few hours. There is circulation centered at about 12N, 24W, so
it is still worth keeping an eye on (or possibly even half an eye).

O.k. my friends, I gotta run. Hmm...there's a spot of clear night sky
tonight so maybe I can catch the Persieds meteor shower (which peaked
last night but should be pretty decent tonight too).

Thanks for everyone's comments and emails etc. I will reply once things
are a little more even keel here.

Toodles until I can tune in again (Sat hopefully)!

p.s. sunny and HOT all day in Exeter today! If it was flat, humid, and
everyone spoke with an accent, I would have thought I was back in

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