Saturday, August 29, 2009

TD Danny and Atlantic Blobette: August 29 Update A

Tropical Storm Danny? What tropical storm? Ah yes... the one whose remains
are heading over to the UK next week! Oh the irony. Although, you know,
we've had a bit of sun for a couple of days now and could *really* use the
rain. ;)

Danny is now a Tropical Depression, after getting as far as offshore North
Carolina, where he was too weak and got 'absorbed' by a front. The center
is approximately 35N, 74W, with winds of 35mph (at the most), and central
pressure of 1007 mb. He's moving NNE at 30mph. Parts of the US east coast
and Canada are getting rain - from a mix of this and the front.

Bet the surfers are out playing.

This is my last entry on this system I think - I'm assuming the rain and
wind here next week will be no more noticable than usual. If something
interesting happens I'll let you know.

Atlantic Blobette: This system has some circulation, but not much
convection. Currently at around 10N, 42.5W and moving west. It looks like
it will stay to the south, and keep on that westward track. I won't write
any more unless it looks like it has picked up.

Hmmm... I think that's it for now. The first break in systems since I left
the US! Hopefully that's the end of them for the year and I can write
about other things. :)

Have fun and Toodles until the next time. :)

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