Monday, August 10, 2009

Atlantic Blobette: August 10

Of course the day I leave the US and head east would be the day the most
promising blobette of the season moves off Africa and heads west.

This system had some decent convection and low level circulation yesterday
as it left Africa. It is now at around 14N, 25W, just southwest of the
Cape Verde islands, and is moving in a general westward direction. I don't
think there's been much change in this blobette since yesterday (i.e.
still looking good), but it is a little too far east for me to get a clear
overall assessment.

Should this develop, the first storm name will be Ana. But first it has to
officially become a Tropical Depression.

I just landed in the UK a few hours ago and will be moving hither and
thither this week (uh-oh, she's already talking funny ;)), but I'll try
and check in once a day or so.

Toodle pip,

p.s. It's overcast and was raining earlier when I landed here in
Manchester. Quelle surprise.

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