Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Td ana & hurricane bill: august 19 update a

Still having a few Internet access issues. Guess I'll have to be extra
entertaining to compensate. If only I could remember how.

Td ana: She actaully did pass south of Cuba, hence the convection over the
past few days. But the area of circulation is over the yucatan, so she's
done. This is my last entry on this system.

Hurricane bill: 'big boy bill' was officially upgraded to a cat 3 about 3
hours after the 'cat 2' advisory yesterday, with winds of 125 mph. Today
he became a cat 4, and has winds of the 135 mph (cat 4 range: 131-155mph).
Central pressure 950mb. He' currently at 19.3n 56.5w, still officially
heading wnw at 18 mph. I think he's made that turn towards the north, and
is heading nw.

The folks in the leeward islands are probably celebrating this evening! I
already got one joke from them. The real saving grace is strong wind shear
from the west and now southwest during the day combined with dry air to
his west and north. It has made the convection a bit lop-sided, keeping
everything away from the islands. If it wasn't for those factors, he would
be a monster storm (I'm talking a cat 5) and spread over a large area. As
it is, he's a cat 4, covering Approx. 1000 miles in the north-south
direction, and 700 miles east-west! for my next problem children on the
paradise/rum-drinking/golf-playing island of Bermuda (that' about all I
know of the island :)). Yes, you really should get your car insured asap.
At the moment you are barely out of the cone of uncertainty, but I think
that might change. It's still three days out. And as he's big, even if the
track doesn't go directly over you, you'll still get a bit'o'weather.
Hurricane force winds are 80 miles from the center, and ts force extend
175 miles out. Keep in touch. Oh... And I'll say it before the nhc:
interests along the eastern seaboard should monitor the progress of bill.

Again, I can't read or edit typos. I'm sure it'll get resolved by the
start of the next hurricane season. :)

weather report from 'tj' in st. Thomas for today was: "Disgusting hot and
Weather report from me in the uk: really quite pleasant... no rain, mostly
overcast with peeps of sunshine.

The roads here are safe(ish) again. I've re-mastered the art of driving on
the left side of the road and roundabouts. Now if only I didn't keep
getting lost.

Time for din-dins. :)

P.s.again re disclaimer - see yesterday :)

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