Friday, August 15, 2008

The Blobette: August 15 Update A

This "no_tropical_cyclone_not_even_a_Tropical_Depression" system is
beating the heck out of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico at the moment
with some strong convection, and is heading for Hispaniola. The convection
is massive - usually the sort of cloud tops seen with a decent hurricane,
but there is no eye. I read that the reason why they didn't call it a TD
yesterday was because although the plane was showing TD/TS level winds, it
couldn't find an area of closed circulation at the surface... and the
sparse data they have now also doesn't show closed circulation,apparently.
*That* is what they are waiting to find. From where I am sitting, it looks
closed to me, and not only that, but it looks like it's now in the entire
lower troposphere and extending upwards... but I don't have the very fine
information that they have at their fingertips. Satellite winds now show
some areas with tropical storm winds (TS range:39-73 mph).

For those of you who know this jargon: there's good low level convergence
and high level divergence now as well. I will have to explain it to
everyone else at a later date... (apologies).

It's so odd... usually the NHC errs on the side of caution, but in this
case it's like there's been a switch in policy or something. Anyway, when
you emerge from this on St. Thomas, send me a note and let me know how you
fared this night.

Now, the track is, as I thought yesterday looks like it will be a little
farther south than they had... which means it will interact a bit more
directly with Haiti/DR and although PR is having very little effect on
this blobette, one can hope that the mountains ahead of the system will do
something. There is also a region of slightly higher windshear on the
western side of Hispaniola, and maybe that will also help.

I'll try and send another update out later today.
Gotta run...

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