Saturday, August 23, 2008

TD Fay: August 23 Update B

As I thought, she didn't go back over the Gulf today but stayed on a
WNW-NW path, and because she continued over land, she lost steam so they
downgraded her to a tropical depression at the 11pm advisory. She still
has some isolated areas of thunderstorm activity and heavy rainfall, but
she's still heading inland and no longer looks like a storm. I guess you
guys in the Pensacola and Mobile area can put your wellies away - she
moved more northward and deteriorated before she got to you. She's
currently at 30.9N, 87.1W, about 30 miles NNE of Pensacola and 60 miles
ENE of Mobile.

She's been an agathokakological storm (did you think I only knew one big
word? ;) ). Agathokakological means composed of both good and evil.
Someone (who is trying to work it into his phd dissertation) sent me that
word after reading the entry with boustrophedon. If you want someone to
complain to, I'll happily give out his name for a *very* reasonable price
(protect the innocent? me? what gave you that idea?). ;)

She's agathokakological because she brought plenty of rain to the SE US,
which was much needed. There's been a bit of a water shortage in the SE
states recently (as some of you may have noticed). Tropical storms are
responsible for about 25% of the annual rain in Florida (and I think the
SE US). So the rain was a good thing. However, it was also a bad thing
because of the flooding, and as far as I know, she was directly or
indirectly responsible for 11 deaths in Florida and over 40 in the
Caribbean. I expect them to pull the name 'Fay' from the list because of
these tragedies.

This is my last update on this storm.
That's all for now folks.


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Gruntled Guy said...

Someone told me there is a huge system brewing right off the coast of Africa. I have not seen anything, can you confirm or debunk?


Jyo said...

Hi... I'm *so* sorry - I didn't check the comments until just now. My BIG Bad. I'll be checking them more carefully from now one.