Monday, September 08, 2008

Hurricane Ike: September 8 Update A

Ike made landfall in Cuba at around 9.50pm (EDT) last night as a cat 3,
but is now (around 5.30am EDT) a cat 2 with winds of 105 mph, central
pressure 952mb. This makes him a mid-to-strong cat 2 (wind range:
96-110mph). His center of circulation is at 21.2N, 77.3W, but there is no
longer a clear eye. He will continue to weaken today as he interacts with

The forecast keeps him as a hurricane during his passage over Cuba and
into the Gulf tomorrow afternoon. This may happen depending on his
interactions with surrounding water, and in that case he will be a very
weak cat 1 as he enters the Gulf. I think it likely he will be a Tropical
Storm before he emerges from Cuba - there is a lot of dry air around the
system and his convection is already at a minimum in the southwest
quadrant (very little rain).

Today we are looking for him to begin moving WNW. He is currently moving W
at 15mph.

I'll discuss the Gulf scenarios later.

Gotta run.


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