Thursday, September 04, 2008

TS Hanna, Hurricane Ike, and TS Josephine: Sept. 4 Update A

Greetings from the UK, which is where I am now. I should just do a travel
blog as well at this rate!! I don't have much time cos my 'pooter battery
is low...

She finally made a move and isn't as confused any more. Well done Hanna.
Currently at about 25.1N, 74.2W, she's moving NW at 14mph. Winds are 65
mph (central pressure 984 mb), making her a strong TS (range: 39-73mph).
There is some wind shear and dry air, so intensification will be slow -
most likely as she gets closer to the Gulf Stream. Finally, I agree with
the track now... North Carolina get ready. There's a chance she will only
skirt the outer banks, but it's too soon to say. She's moving along the
western side of the high pressure system that Ike and Josephine are kinda
following in the Atlantic as well. How far over NC she gets will depend on
how far west that high expands.

You know... I had an inkling that as soon as I turned my back he would
pull one of those rapid intensification stunts. Next time I think that's
going to happen, I'm just going to say it instead of umming and aahing
about it. So... he's a cat 4. Hmmm. That's big. Fortunately he is still
out there. The models are divided over which way he will go - some call
for a faster forward speed which will take him west and then southwest
towards the Bahamas, others take him a bit farther north in latitude. At
the moment I'm inclined to agree with the ones that keep him going WNW-NW,
not W-WSW. I'm not sure he's headed for the Bahamas - but everyone should
be ready of course because he's a hurricane over warm waters. Currently
centered at about 23.2N, 57W, moving WNW 16mph. Winds are 140 mph! central
pressure 938mb.

Little Jo...(my favorite character from Little Women :) )... I'll have to
talk about her tomorrow. Run out of power....


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