Friday, September 26, 2008

Tropical Storm Kyle: September 26 Update A

He's been zooming along a N-NNW trajectory at about 13mph for most of
the day and is currently located near 27.6N, 68.7W. Maximum winds are
near 60 mph, central pressure 1003mb (from a plane), making him a
mid-sized TS (range: 39-73mph). There is wind shear from the west, so
all the convective activity remains on the eastern side - he's a very
lopsided looking storm really.

Bermuda has Tropical Storm warnings in place, but it looks like he will
pass west of the island tomorrow and the winds will be at the weaker end
of that spectrum, so it should really only be a blustery sort of day
tomorrow (said Winnie the Pooh :) ) with possibly some raindrops
(because they are on the eastern side of the storm). Not sure it'll be a
good day for golfing.

The forecast calls for him to become a hurricane by Sunday morning. I'm
not sure this will happen unless wind shear decreases and there is less
dry air in the system. It doesn't look like the shear will decrease too
much. He'll also be over cooler water by then.

If you live in the Boston/Cape Cod area, it looks like it'll be a bit
windy up there early next week.

That's it for today. Have a lovely Friday evening.
(hurray hurray :) )

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